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 This blog post aims to explain the career path in Software Engineering. Although companies’ leveling systems could be slightly different, the basic idea will remain the same. You can develop your best strategy to advance your career by understanding it.

"The content in this blog series was originally intended to inform my agile team. Then when the intense demand came from my environment. I made it into a blog post. Unlike my other articles, this series contains exact quotes from the sources I have researched. You can find all the resources at the end of the article series."

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VP Engineering

The VP of Engineering is responsible for mentoring and managing directors of engineering, engineering managers as well as software and testing engineers. Adopting, maintaining and implementing best practices with the directors, mangers, scrum masters, software engineers, test engineers.
  •  Have a more strategic role in an organization, working on long-term planning and initiatives. 

Further insights 

  • VPs are strategic. They help define the why and with what we will achieve. 
  • Usually managing managers of managers. How meta! 
  • Accountability for a particular part of strategy. 
  • Spending time thinking about what and why, rather than how.
  • Create a culture that keeps everyone at the top of their game  
  • Strategic planning. 

Chief Technology Officer 

The CTO is the #1 technical guru of the company. He or she has deep insights into the protectable technologies and core competencies of the company. He or she stays abreast of cutting-edge research and development in his or her area of expertise, and in adjacent areas of interest that might have an impact on the company’s technical direction.
  • The CTO loves technology, and often keeps his or her hands dirty doing advanced development for interesting new technologies.
  • Performing competitive analysis to ensure the company has the freedom to practice its core technologies. 
  • Lot of speaking engagements outside the company as part of a brand building process. 

Further insights 

  • Will often be a key contributor to the company blog. 
  • Responsible for thought leadership and for maintaining the technical edge of the company. 
  • A key driver of growth but commercial decisions.
Great! you have completed Career Ladder in Software Engineering series, thanks for reading.
See you in next blog post!


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