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Hi,we are on Day 5,today we will deep dive to Panorama Control .Panorama Control is a full screen container and navigation model tahh can be scrolled left to right or right to left.Panorama Controls enables to the users native Windows Phone look and feel J

Panorama Control is a long horizontal Canvas that extends beyond the screen and includes PanoramaItems that each have their own content and style.

And also we weill take al look Data Binding on Window Phone .Data bind is an  operation between design contents(list items,photos,labels,Wrap panle items) with object data (Model data class).This operation binds real data to design contents that you can fill design contents with your data using ItemsSource.

To give a data to one design content’s ItemSource you have to define a ItemTemplate that determine what each data entry should look like.

Here is source codes : download codes

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