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Hi everyone! The subject of 21 Days of Windows Phone Developer Camp is launchers an Choosers.
When you need a function on your applicaiton a launcher or chooser is called to start the built in app and perform the required function in the end control returns to the calling app so you provide Access to common device functionality and services.

Imagine that you need to take a photo in your application so you can esasily take a photo using PhotoChooserTask.You should fire off a chooser to take  photo rather than embedding camera functionality in your app.
So waht is the main diffference between launchers and choosers ?

Choosers return a data and status to your application but Launchers do not return data or status to your applicaiton.

As an example of Launcher task: Composing an email,sharing a link,opening a browser.For the full list of Launcher please go ahead bellow link:

We gonna continue with Choosers :A chooser is an API that launches on of the built in applications such as CameraCaptureTask,PhotoSelecting task,saving a new ringotone etc.For the full list of available Choosers please go ahead the bellow link:

Here is source codes : download codes

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