.Net Core

Microservice Architecture

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My Projects:
21-Turkcell En Yakın-Windows Phone
20-Turkcell Goller Cepte-Windows Phone
19-Turkcell Video V.1.0.0 -Windows Phone
       Link: http://www.windowsphone.com/tr-tr/store/app/turkcell-video/945a3f66-8181-41b0-9989-c17ed4597707
18-Avea Lig -Windows Phone
17-Analyzing and processing audio signals-Speech Recognition 
16-Designing and animating game characters and developing a platform game on Windows Phone
15-Secure messaging and file transfer with DES or AES options and RSA Key  Distributions(C#)
14-A Simple Compiler that solve First Degree Equations
13-Determine Human Age and Sex with Artifical Neural Networks
12.Developing Windows Phone 7.5 Applications and Games
11.Modelling a Game Character in Maya
10.E-Commercial Website with Silverlight
       Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl8bjO4tq8o&list=UUKVdWT5e7yAG3PBxuuV-_5Q&index=4
9.Image Processing--Face detection and determinig years and sex.
8.Converting NFA to DFA Automata Project
7.Image Processing-Object Detection
6.Optimization-Simple ERP Application
5.Designing and Codding a dynamic Web Site with Asp
4.Simple Letter Detection with PCA
3.A Word Game like MasterMind-- for my Algorithm lecture
2.A Simple Dictionary Project
1.Elevator Design(ROM Programming)

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