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Who am I?     
       I am Nagihan Sema Kudu Computer Engineer, blogger, speaker…  essentially a loud mouthed architect on Enterprise Application Architecture, primarily for Scalability.
Extensive expertise in large system architecture development, I recently concentrated on Microservices with Domain Driven Design and CQRS, Software Approaches, Design Principles, Standardizing and Optimizing of code, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, PerformanceSecurity and Scalability.
       I am a perfect candidate for R&D, enterprise application departments.

       I started blogging in 2011 with a deep passion I always try to write technical articles. I am currently maintain blogging in technical and travel subjects.

       I spoke at many conferences on software development. In 2013 Nokia gave me Nokia Developer Champion Honor. I had an opportunity to learn first new technical information comes from US about developing Windows Phone applications involving using amazing 41 MPs camera.
       During this period I gave webinarsseminars in universities was located in different parts of Turkey.

      It was a different and enjoyable adventure being part of a new-born project while designing developing and presenting work to investors. I have got many degrees entrepreneurship competitions like İTÜ Çekirdek , ODTÜ YFYİ.

       I became an independent consultant in 2012 and since then have seen a lot of companies as a consultant. I am really easy adaptable for new technologies, good analyzing company’s needs as quick on the draw.

        From early age I won many paintings, literature, poetry contests and got lots of awards in first school, middle school, high school. I am naturally creative. I always got success my first, middle, high school degree is (5/5) and I graduated in top 10 degree in university. I interested in technology in very little ages with my first computer.

        I had a good education by winning Karadeniz Technical University Computer Engineering in 2008 provides both software and hardware knowledges. I was especially interested in Image ProcessingMachine LearningArtificial Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Due to my perfect programming, researching and social skills I selected Microsoft Summer School in 2011. I got the chance a part of very featured program I learned newest technologies by meeting other interns and obtaining good friendships. 

        Later on, I was selected to the Microsoft Student Partner Program in 2011 and I continued Microsoft Student Partner program as a leader in 2012. During this period, I learned web development and I was especially interested in mobile development in Windows Phone.


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